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Our goal is to provide you with an indelible immersion into the unique culture and customs of Bhutan. We will introduce you to the breathtaking scenic wonders and timeless traditional heritages through the eyes and heart of a native Bhutanese. We specialize in creating attractive packages customized for your special fields and areas of interest for an authentic experience of the ethos of Bhutan.

Many tourists to Bhutan sense a lack of holistic and authentic feel of the real Bhutan only after real time interactions with the natives. This is where Cama Tours & Travel comes into the picture. For a more aesthetic feel of the real Bhutan, we want our clients to avoid the regular run of the mill and standard packaging approach that would only involve superficial visits to monuments, temples and regular resort accommodation. We are proud to say that we specialize in designing ‘experiences’ rather than stock itineraries. Our main goal is to provide our guests with a tailor-made package based on an array of clientele interests and requirements. We believe in the integrity of the special needs of every individual and the eminence of aesthetic combination of packaging elements to provide a truly holistic experience in Bhutan.

Our extensive job experiences with international organizations such as UNDP and UNIDO offers us an in-depth knowledge of our country from the idyllic and remote corners of our northern highlands, quaint and tranquil villages nestled in our numerous pristine valleys, to bustling and burgeoning urban centers. Cama Tours & Travels also maintains associated affiliations with Travel publications such as Bhutan Timeout, which provides access to our guests to a range of travel related events and programs (PDF format can be provided on request). Karma Tshering Wangchuk (Co-business owner) has an international fashion background from NIFT, New Delhi, India. His keen understanding of the textiles in Bhutan as a thriving element in its culture can pass on an intricate culture, handed down from a mother to daughter, to our clientele. Choki Wangchuk (Co-business owner), having spent a decent number of years in the west and interacted with people from all over the world, understands the nuances of various cultures and values the intricacies of distinct individuals.

Bhutan has so much to offer; diverse and exotic collection of flora and fauna diffused in its 70% forest cover, ancient monasteries and religious festivals (‘tshechus’) deeply rooted in its Buddhist religion, majestic fortresses (‘dzongs’) and splendid architecture that speak to its unique tradition, and – perhaps most important of all – the warm smiles and genuine friendliness of the people. But without proper consultation and guidance, a visitor might not be able to experience the abundant treasures that adorn this tiny Himalayan kingdom. We, at Cama Tours & Travels are committed to assuring that each of our visitors leaves the country being fully immersed in the Bhutanese lifestyle and with an in-depth understanding of its rare disposition. We believe that at all times, a simple organic lunch cooked with the aesthetics of a Bhutanese mother, on the lawns of an ancient fortress, is indeed more timeless rather than a standard tourist fare. Quality rather than quantity is the corporate long-term mantra of Cama Tours & Travels.